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If you are coming toward Pflugerville on Pecan Street, in the evening, from SH 130, and notice interesting and unusual colored lighting alongside the road before you get to the Northeast Metro County Park entrance, you are seeing the first electrical re-charge station that has been installed in the City of Pflugerville. If you have an electric car, you will need to re-charge it, and at least for a period of time, you can do so for free, at this location.

Two of the car spaces have a canopy over them that is actually a network of solar panels, hence the Solar Sail name. This Solar Sail is a proto-type solar power electrical generator that is the first of its kind in the world. So the site generates electricity via the solar panels that sends excess electricity back on to the electric grid, while the re-charging stations are in place to recharge your electric car, using energy from the grid. The project was kicked off in mid-September and from a conceptual design to completion, this project was created, drawn, permitted, built and accepted by the City for operation in just over three months. The Ribbon cutting for this project was near the end of December. photo from

The project includes rebuilding one of the entrances into the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC) soon to be open Renewable Energy Park as a right-in/right-out only type intersection. The new driveway was designed and built to City of Pflugerville, public street standards and will eventually be dedicated to the City, once the property is platted and development begins in the surrounding area. A side drive made of concrete was also installed that provides direct access to the three parking spaces available for cars to use while re-charging and eventually pass through access to the adjacent use. A detention pond is located between the charging station and the front right-of-way to control drainage flows from this improved area.

Design team members for the project were PCDC, Pvilion, Raba Kistner, Synergetic Engineering, BWM Landscape Architect, Ron Basquette Architect, Compliance Resources, Corbett Technologies and Catalyst Engineering Group. The contractors for the project were Lippe Concrete, Crossroads Construction, Outback Landworks and Global Electric Services. The Design Team worked closely with Oncor, Linc and the City of Pflugerville to bring power to the site and get this unique project permitted and completed. The job is unique in its look and function, as one of the entryways into the new Renewable Energy Park for Pflugerville.

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